Welcome to the Audio-Visual Technology, Repair & Support centre. WHTV and VIDEO has been on the cutting edge of the Service and Repair of Audio-Visual Technology.

We offer a wide range of services such as technical support, installation and repair of Audio-Visual equipment, i.e. DVD's, DVD Recorders, Hi-Fi's, Portable Audio Equipment, T.V/ VCR's, Digital Satellite Receivers, Sky Digital Boxes, TFT, LCD & Plasma Screens and Microwave Ovens.

We also install outside Aerials and Satellite dishes, all size of TV Wall Brackets are supplied and fitted from 10" to 65" TV´s.

We are planning to offer an online resource that will be of immense use to anyone who has a query or issue with their TV, Video/DVD Player, Video/DVD Recorder, Computer Hardware and Software

Television Maintenance
The maintenance of your television is always a top priority. It requires cleaning, temperature control. adequate space clearance and proper tuning.

Freeview Box Installation
With the change over to Digital TV in 2012, the issue of proper tuning has to be at the top of everyone's agenda. To that effect we offer a range of affordable Freeview boxes that can be readily adapted and connected to existing non Digital CRT, LCD and Plasma Televisions.

VHS to DVD Transfer
The popularity of VHS is still high. It remains the primary choice and viewing option of many home users. It will probably remain that way for some time to come. However the wear and tear on magnetic tapes and the depreciation of quaility on VHS to VHS recordings mean that it may be time to start looking at transfering those precious memories, video clips and library content. While there are anumber of products we offer to help with this. We are also offering an on site VHS to DVD Transfer Service. Using Quality DVD Media and Recording systems we can quickly and effciently transfer VHS content. So although we cannot increse the quality we can make sure the whatever is copied is at the highest quality possible for posterity. .../More

Computer Repair & Upgrading
Computer repairs are unfortunately a fact of life. The cost of new systems are now very exorbitant, (e.g. 20% VAT). Lots of business and home systems are coming to the mid point and even further on in their working life. More attention needs to be focused on seeking affordable repair and upgrade options. We off a highy technical support service that gives value for money and peace of mind when the time comes to either repairing or upgrading your desktop or laptop.

Computer Maintenance
We aim to help you keep your computer(s) in good repair. We can quickly resolve a range of important issues, including and not limnted to Cleaning, Storage, Archiving, Hardware and Software related tasks. Others include Registry Repair, Driver Updates, Disk Cleaners/Optimisers, Security, Privacy, Backup and Recovery.

Warranty Claims
All warranty claims will be subject to manufacturers terms. We offer 3 months parts and labour on all repairs undertaken by our experienced technicians.

Repairs & Parts
Please book your TV, Computer, Hi-fi, Amplifier, Recorder, Player in as soon as you can for a fast turnaround on repairs. We source all our component parts from reputable suppliers. You can rely on us to ensure that you get the best value for money.